Lowest Priced Tires in Town
We will Match or Beat any Tire Price in Town

Don't pay more. At Fairmount Tire, Mounting, Balancing &
Installation are ALWAYS* included. No Hidden-Charges.

We are Experts...

We are a group of independent tire dealers that service the needs of the tire and automotive public with leading brands, quality products and fast friendly service.

We own our own business, and we know tires.

More importantly, we understand Customer Service. We are not owned by a tire manufacturer, we are not a franchise, we are not a mass merchandiser that sells a wide variety of other products. (Like aluminum siding, wrenches or pickles)

We know tires, we know service, and we know how to deliver.


We work and live in the communities we serve.

We support the local little league, youth soccer, local schools as well as specific charities. We're your neighbors. Let's do business!

We sell tires that work well and save you money.

We select and sell brands that fit the way you drive, including brands such as Goodyear, Dunlop, Remington, Fierce, Nexen, Hankook, Kumho, Cooper, Trazano, Vredestein and Summit. We have access to EVERY BRAND KNOWN TO MAN because we're EXPERTS! When you've been selling tires for over 50 years, you learn a thing or two. We're Experts...we get it.



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