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Fairmount Tire and TireXperts actively support Charities that benefit their communities. These include Jerry's Foundation for Diabetic Research, the Fairmount Tire Foundation, and the Scott Elliot Sraberg Foundation.

For decades, Fairmount Tire has supported Jerry's Foundation for Diabetic Research which, through education, supports both doctors and those with diabetes. The foundation also supported the construction of a floor for the UCLA Medical Department dedicated to advancing the quality of life for those who live with the disease.

The Fairmount Tire Foundation, formed in 1993, works towards a healthier Central Los Angeles. The mission is to promote the health and welfare of the youth in the immediate area by providing scholarships to low income students. The heart of the program is assisting students towards careers as Licensed Vocational Nurses and Registered Nurses. After graduation, the Foundation continues to support selected nurses to become educators in the field of prenatal care and diabetes for the medical community worldwide.

The Scott Elliot Sraberg Charitable Foundation is a non-profit established to support children and their families who face serious physical challenges by easing the struggle of these families. The Foundation works directly with the Los Angeles Unified School District, in association with Anne and Kirk Douglas Playground Awards, to build new, safe accessible playgrounds on secure school properties. The desired goal is to help foster the acceptance of children with special needs as important, productive and valued members of our society. For more info visit



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