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In 1958, Fairmount Tire and Rubber Inc. began selling tires and fixing flats for 25 cents. Jerry Saunders and Fairmount Tire have come a long way in the last 48 years.

Jerry's strong work ethic and determination built the retail store into the recognized leader it is today. On any given day vehicles will line up down the street and around the corner, over 50 cars at a time, waiting for their tires to be installed. Jerry has an ability to attract talented and loyal employees who value customers and offer outstanding service. Many of the current staff has worked with Jerry for over 30 years!

Jerry was a pioneer in developing niche products such as the Remington "Low-Rider" tire that became the "Must Have" tire for a generation of low riders. Jerry also developed the Candy Classic Wide-White tires, both of these products continue to sell today. Jerry's boundless enthusiasm and tireless energy have been a guiding light as he has a strong passion to give back to his community, supporting the community through a variety of methods including the 'Jerry Saunders Foundation for Diabetic Research', and other charities.

Soon after establishing a strong retail presence in Los Angeles Jerry began expanding his business by 'Partnering' with individuals in their own start up business. Soon Jerry had a 'Network' of 'Partner-Outlets' that continues to expand today. As the exclusive distributor for Remington and Summit tires in the 11 Western States, Jerry along with his son Brad Saunders operate the West's Leading Tire Network.

Jerry has been grooming his son Brad to head the business since Brad was only 8 years old joining his dad on business trips. Brad Saunders now over sees the daily operations with the same determination demonstrated by his father. After his graduation from UCLA with his Masters in Business, Brad set out to improve the infrastructure and lay a foundation for future growth and expansion. Sales have risen steadily during recent years as Fairmount Tire continues to strengthen its market presence and grow market share in the West. Brad's influence is felt through-out the organization with the completion of expanded warehouse facility, state-of-the-art computer systems and cutting-edge marketing support.

Following his fathers lead Brad developed the successful Essenza 210 Type R line of tires that became an over night success riding the crest of the 'Fast and Furious' Tuner Tire and Wheel explosion. Brad continues to lead the organization with forward thinking concepts based on his solid experience and knowledge of the market. Current projects include the expansion and renovation of the 'Partner-Outlets' and the development of new, cutting edge tire brands.

Today the Fairmount Tire retail location is an icon in the community, selling hundreds and hundreds of tire each day to 2nd and 3rd generation customers. Some of Jerry's original customers still purchase their tires on the original sight at 600 W. Slauson in Los Angeles. The retail store is recognized as the leading tire store in Los Angeles County by both the industry and the customers. Fairmount Tire was also voted the BEST Tire Store in LA by a local news station



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